Barbara Streisand v.s. Meerkats

Compare the Market's fuzzy ambassadors, with their own rendition of the Barbra Streisand classic, Rain On My Parade. Shot on location in South Africa's Cape Town, it was choreographed by Oliver Casamayou the man behind some Cirque Du Soleil and Kylie Minogue routines, and involved some 500 extras.


I was called in to help the meerkats (a.k.a voiceover artist Simon Greenall) cover the famous Barbara Streisand track ‘Don’t Rain on My Parade’. This big budget advert production needed an equally high end soundtrack. The brief was clear - big, brassy, and….BIG!

After doing the initial sketch of the arrangement shooting began and choreography was worked out to my version of the track. Once all the timings had been locked down for both the 60 and 90 second versions (easier said than done!) we headed into studio one at Angel Studios to record some of London’s finest musicians including drumming legend Ian Thomas (Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson).

Special thanks to the wonderful team at Angel who made everything run so smoothly on the day and even tolerated a cheeky selfie at the big desk. Thanks also to Soho Music and VCCP for making it happen.

Click the video above to hear what we ended up with! And for the music nerds, here’s my arrangement of the tune minus the meerkats: