Hi my name is Vince Webb and I’m a composer. I love working with other creative people to support their stories with sound. I use a blend of live instruments and samples in my work to create a fresh palette of sounds for each project. For me making music is about staying playful, being truthful to the narrative and exploring new sounds. In some ways my process hasn't moved on much from banging pots and pans aged 6 (but fewer broken spoons).

I’m excited by new technology and am one of only a handful of composers working with a dedicated space for room-scale virtual reality and the ability to deliver in ambisonics format. I recently wrote the soundtracks for the VR games Shadow Point (Sir Patrick Stewart), Augmented Empire (Kate Mulgrew, Nick Frost) and They Suspect Nothing (Jim Broadbent).

I've scored numerous short films and animations, including the multi-award winning Via, the charming Hoodoo which was nominated for a VR Award at Tacoma Film Festival and Pukka's 9-1 GCSE grading film which won a Silver Evcom screen award. 

In 2016 I was nominated for a Production Music Award for the track ‘Seconds Into Hours’ (Cavendish Music) in the category ‘Best Wild Card Track’. In 2018 the piece was nominated a second time under ‘Best Use of Production Music in Advertising’ for its role in the Audi A6 commercial. The track features a live string orchestra.

Flagship BBC shows like Panorama, Top Gear and Horizon all regularly use my music in their shows in the UK and around the world. I wrote the title theme for BT Sport's, Last Week, This Week and the closing theme for Stephen Fry: Gadgetman (Sprout Pictures). 

I've written advertising music for countless household brands including Disney, Beefeater, Cadbury, Clarks, Danone, Heinz, Lynx, Whiskas, The National Lottery, Kellogs, Dove, Vodafone and many others.

When I'm not working on commercial projects you might find me jamming it out in the studio, or roller blading the streets of Walthamstow.