Hello, my name is Vince Webb and I’m a composer specialising in virtual reality (VR) projects.

I’ve worked on 40+ games and 8 VR projects to date. My latest project 'Shadow Point’ (feat. Patrick Stewart) was released earlier this month as a launch title for the Oculus Quest. I’ve worked with major brands including Disney (Star Wars, Frozen), Kellogs, Yahoo, Dove, Heinz, Axe, Vodafone and others. My tracks have been used in hundreds of TV shows around the world including flagship BBC programs like Panorama, Horizon and Top Gear.

I write and record music from my project studio in North London. It's filled to the brim with lovely acoustic instruments, musical toys and technology. Plus a dedicated space for designing music for VR.

I find joy in a multitude of styles from Disneyesque string runs to one-note dronescapes, ocarina funk to pin-drop cinematica.  Do have a look around and if you'd like any more examples of what I can do, drop me a line


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