A Night Sky - Relaxing VR experience

You are invited to relax on the edge of a peaceful vale, beside a crackling campfire, and beneath the open night sky – connecting constellations to form patterns among the stars. As the different shapes are revealed, strange and wonderful creatures are brought to life – watch and enjoy as your new discoveries stride, bound or glide around the hillside in an immersive and charming spectacle.

I designed the music system for A Night Sky whereby each star played a particular note. As the stars and notes were connected by the player a melody was spelled out which would become the background music for the animation. All the tracks were designed to blend seamlessly back into the ambient music which played between the segments. The finale saw the stars twinkling in perfect sync with the music which made use of all of the stars/notes in the sky.

Below are two of the animations - ‘Butterflies’ and ‘Alien’. Full length video can be found on YouTube courtesy of Pop2Review. The game is free to download on the Oculus Go and while these videos give you a flavour, viewing the animations in VR takes it to a whole other level.